Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Even More Blessings......

I got a notice in the mail about a month ago that my health insurance is going to be canceled. Needless to say, this was a bit of a stressor for me since I do not qualify for individual coverage. Did you know that only healthy people who don't get sick or have anything wrong with them can get an individual insurance policy - meaning, I can only get medical coverage through a job, either my husbands or mine. I have been on cobra for a year and a half now through the last company that I worked for since I couldn't get coverage elsewhere. I have wanted to get a different policy because I really want nothing to do with the last company I worked for since the owner of that company was completely unhinged and a bit unstable - even though he is a pastor (yeah....too long of a story to go into right now). But here's where the story gets good - I went into the communication office at SJSU last week and talked to the office manager. I was talking about how stressed I am about the whole insurance thing, and she told me that I qualify for insurance through San Jose State. Uhhhh, hello??? Why didn't I know about this before? I can get insurance - a decent policy, at NO COST TO ME. This is very good news since I can't get insurance elsewhere. Shawn's company, the one his grandfather owns provides individual policies for the employees and their families - but since I don't qualify, I am pretty much on my own with insurance without some horrible fight to get a company policy - but that's too long of a story for this post. So, I am now able to get insurance through San Jose State for the next few months, and then after that, Shawn's company will pay for cobra for me. You know what that means? That I have insurance for the next two years at least. And, it's probably going to be a decent policy which is even cooler!!! I need to go over all of my options and decide on a policy - I think there are 4 to choose from. 2 are HMO's (Kaiser and Blue Shield) and the others are PPO's (I don't know which companies those are through). What do you think I should go with? I have never had a PPO, but I hear that's the way to go. Do you have any knowledge of it? Or any advice to give me on choosing a policy? I love blessings - they make me happy!!!

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