Friday, July 31, 2009

Juneau, Alaska

Here is a pic from the hike we did in Juneau. Until I can get the post finished, enjoy!

If you click on the pic, it will enlarge on your screen. I haven't photoshopped this pic yet, so everything you see is raw. It was pretty foggy that day, which is why the pic looks a bit muffled.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're Back

We are finally back from our vacation in gorgeous Alaska. I am currently working on a blog that catalogs our days in time order. Not the most original way to post a vacation, but one that was easy to keep track of while we were gone. I simply kept a notebook by my side of the bed, and every night Shawn and I recounted what we did for the day, and at what times.

Preliminarily I can tell you that we had a wonderful time. When Shawn's company takes off, which we are fervently praying for, and hope that you would stand in prayer with us on that, we will move to the Pacific Northwest and visit Alaska often. Or, we will buy a small cabin/house in Juneau or Sitka so people can use it during the summer months if they'd like to. We are generous like that. ;)

My post should be up by the weekend. Consider yourself warned - it will be a long post.

Until then I will be working on the blog and my classes for next semester. (I have not yet received the 'your laid off' email yet from either college I teach classes for, and I'm standing in faith that I won't. But with this economy and the budget cuts that recently came down the pipes, one never knows). If you remember, pray for Shawn and I, or if you aren't the praying type, some good thoughts and energy would be appreciated.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Three Minute Thursday Part #2

Here is another installment of Three Minute Thursday.

Ready? Go!

*We are excited and ready for our vacation. I won't tell you when we're leaving for fear that you might rob my house, take my computer, and I will have to re-do the prep for my classes this coming semester. We are taking mostly everything valuable we have with us, except my desktop computer with all of my school stuff. People will be watching our house, but it's best not to publicize when one goes on vacation.

*Speaking of vacation, we will be going to Alaska on a cruise. It should be really fun and we are looking forward to relaxing, when the time comes.

*I am a little anxious (to say the least) about leaving my doggie with my mom since my doggie has been having dizzy spells. None for the last couple of months, but I have pretty sever anxiety issues anyway without something like this thrown into the mix. I will pray, send good thoughts (ahem, take some anti-anxiety meds), and hope for the best.

*My new camera is rockin' AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to use it in Alaska. I hope there is at least one or two good pics I can blow up to poster size and put in our house somewhere.

*I just planted another 10 tomato plants. A bit crazy, I know. But I have a deep rooted love for ALL THINGS tomato.

*Lately we have been avoiding the hot tub because it has been so hot out lately. We have turned off the heater, but yesterday the hot tub was 106 by 9:30pm anyway. We had to bail out about 50 gallons of water, and replace it with cool water from the hose. We might do the same tonight.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three Minute Thursday

Three minute Thursday might replace Four Minute Friday for this week (a new thing I'm doing), but we'll see.

Ready? Go!

There are so many things on my mind at this point:

*The fact that I have an amazing husband who is quick to process things with me.

*We are going on vacation in a few weeks - a last minute vacation, but we are SO incredibly excited to 'check-out' for a week and not have to think about life.

*Getting back from vacation is so exhausting because life just hits all at once - not looking forward to that.

*Shawn's dad and step-mom are coming over on the 4th so we can discuss our vacation. It should be a good time. We are hoping that Shawn's brother and his wife will be able to come as well, but understand because there may be a funeral they have to go to. But we're hoping - we love those guys and don't get to spend as much time with them as we'd like to (they're quite often busy).

*I'm constantly worried about my mother, but need to remember that there's nothing I can do, and that prayer is effective.

*My semester starts in a number of weeks, and there is a looming threat that all of my classes might be canceled. This stresses me out quite a bit, and I don't want to think about it because I can't control it anyway.

My three minutes is up........Done!