Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #7

From Bell's perspective.

Today started out super slow. Actually, I woke up Aunt Carol at about 3am, and she didn't go back to sleep until about 7am, then I woke her up again at about 8:30 to feed me and take me out. I licked her face until she got up. Aunt Carol can't resist the face licking!

We took a long nap this afternoon, then got up just in time for a walk down to the post office to drop off a Netflix movie. We walked in 40 degree weather for a couple of miles, then came home.

Aunt Carol went to the supermarket to get me some chicken liver, which the store was out of, so she got some other chicken parts for me. They were yummy! All in all I've only skipped one meal while I've been here. I think it has something to do with the hot food they keep adding to my normal dry food. Today was ground chicken breast, a little chicken liver and some chicken hearts and gizzards. Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn cooked for me tonight, which was awesome!

Mom and Dad shouldn't be too bothered by the hot food they are giving me - it's not much, just enough to encourage me to eat my normal food.

After dinner we headed downstairs to the 'movie theater' to watch a movie. I got a little freaked out by the surround sound, but I did ok. About an hour into the movie I was a little antsy, so I sat on Uncle Shawn for a while, then snuggled with Aunt Carol on the couch. I think it's time for bed now that the movie is over.

I hear some rumblings about some other doggies coming to visit - 3 to be exact. They are all pugs, and Aunt Carol says I'm going to have a fabulous time with them because they like to romp around and play, just like me.

Until tomorrow........

P.S. I have discovered that I really like baby carrots as a treat. The humans used to give carrots to their pup Tess, and figured they would give me a few. I really like them, but not as much as the Trader Joe doggie cookies.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #6

From Bell's perspective.

Have I mentioned how many treats Uncle Shawn and Aunt Carol give me everyday? It's a lot! But not too many that I can't eat my food.....well, most of my food, anyway. Every time I go out to use the potty I get a treat. In fact, I insist that I get a treat. They think it's kinda funny, but then again, they don't have to live with me forever. I'm gonna milk it while I can. They keep reminding me that mom and dad are coming home soon.

Back to my day.....

This morning I woke up by licking Aunt Carol's face. I was done sleeping and I was just waiting patiently until I couldn't take it anymore - I had to get her up so I could start my day. We went outside for a few minutes, then I ate breakfast. After breakfast Aunt Carol needed to get some more work done so played tug-of-war with Uncle Shawn. He said that I pulled so hard he needed a break. Apparently I'm pretty strong and I might have even pulled a muscle in Uncle Shawn's shoulder. Oh well, it's all in good fun! He'll be fine. Aunt Carol told him to suck it up!

At about 2pm we all got in the car and went shopping. We went to a few different stores, one of which was my favorite - PetSmart. I got to walk around the store, meet some people and go crazy over some squeeky toys. I wanted to bring them home, but the humans wouldn't let me. They said that I would rip them apart in about 2 seconds. Just as well, I've got lots to do back at home.

I was in the car for about 4 hours with little potty breaks here and there. It was exhausting! By the time we got back on the freeway to get home I had conked out. Then, we got back into the house, I ate dinner and then went right to sleep. There was a little cuddle time in there somewhere, but I can't remember because I was entirely too tired.

I hear that I might go on a walk tomorrow if the weather is clear enough.

Oh yeah - I'm getting lots of rest on this vacation. Not as busy as it was over the summer.

Until tomorrow......

Monday, December 27, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #5

From Bell's perspective.

Today I woke up after cuddling with Aunt Carol all night long. I love sleeping on her bed with her. Uncle Shawn has been sleeping in the living room so I can have a choice of where I want to sleep, but I love the big bed.

I got a lot of rest today. After I woke up, went outside and had breakfast, I got back into bed with Aunt Carol and took a nap. She got up a little while later and headed downstairs to the workout room to hop on the treadmill. I went downstairs with her so Uncle Shawn could sleep a little later. When she started the treadmill I freaked out a little. I almost put my nose right to the treadmill belt, you know, the thing that moves, to see what was going on. In fact, I almost jumped on the treadmill with Aunt Carol. She saw that this was going to be a bit of a problem and took me back upstairs where everything was nice and quite. I heard her tell Uncle Shawn that he's going to have to look after me while she works out because I don't like the machinery very much.

After that little stint I played tug of war with Uncle Shawn for a while because Aunt Carol had to work. I heard something about her teaching 7 classes next semester and needing to get everything prepared ahead of time. She was on her computer for a few hours while I played and played.

In the evening we all hopped in the car and went to Walmart. Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn bought me a couple of new toys: Another frisbee, which they said they didn't like too much, and a HUGE tug rope. The new tug rope has quickly become my favorite toy. It's pretty beefy! They try to keep me from chewing it, but sometimes they turn their back and I just can't help myself.

After our brief trip to Walmart we went for a short walk, and played with the new frisbee for about 1o minutes. They got a bit cold so we went home. Humans! Hmpfh! I was doing just fine running around in the cold, but they couldn't hack it.

Just as well though, because we came home and all cuddled on the bed while we watched a movie. I love all the attention I've been getting.

I must say though, I'm resting quite a bit more this time than I did last time I was here. It seems like they have figured out that I like to rest a bit too.

Until tomorrow.....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #4

Today was an all around busy day. I woke up Aunt Carol this morning at about 8am ready to eat and go outside. Aunt Carol wanted to stay in bed and pretended to sleep, but I wasn't having any of that! I licked her face until she got out of bed.

I ate a little breakfast, then went outside. After coming back in the house, Aunt Carol had to do a little shopping. Apparently there were lots of people coming over today and some last minute things needed to be bought. A house full of people is always fun! I got to meet Shawn's dad and step-mom. They both really liked me a lot, but I was a bit apprehensive to meet them at first, but quickly warmed up to them.

There was a Christmas celebration going on all afternoon, and while folks were celebrating, I went under the dining room table and decided to chew on my new stuffed teddy bear. Aunt Carol was watching me pretty closely most of the time, but when she looked away for a few minutes, I had torn the stuffing out of the teddy bear's arm, set it aside, then ate the material. It wasn't too much, but it was so yummy, I just couldn't help myself. Aunt Carol had a bit of a panic attack after I ate the teddy bear's arm (sans stuffing), but it's material nonetheless. I was told I shouldn't have eaten it, but I'm not sure why they don't let me. It tastes sooooo good.

After I ate the teddy bear's arm I ran around outside for a bit. It was a lot of fun. The kids who came over rode their bikes, I chased my frisbee, then we all came back inside for a while. I had tons of energy running around, tugging on my tug rope, chewing on my kong ball, and snuggling with Aunt Carol on the couch when I needed a break. I was high energy all day, and barely took a 15 minute nap on Aunt Carol's lap in the afternoon. After my nap I woke with a bang and started playing and playing.

Most folks left around 5 or 6 in the evening, but a couple of folks stayed until 10pm. We had dinner around 9pm or so. Aunt Carol tried to feed me, but I wouldn't eat very much. She had to resort to hand feeding me which worked pretty well since I ate all my food, two small pieces at a time. I couldn't resist. Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn are still putting a few tablespoons of chicken liver in my food so I'll eat everything. It has been working like a charm since day 1 of my visit this time.

Did I mention I ate tons of treats today? One of the kids fed me her carrots, and then accidentally dropped a teeny tiny mini marshmallow on the floor, which I quickly ate. But those aren't the treats I'm talking about. I ate tons of treats from Trader Joe's. I have 3 different types of TJ's treats that I'm getting, and I love each and every one of them. Uncle Shawn's dad fed me some treats, so did Uncle Shawn and Aunt Carol. They were trying to distract me from picking up food from the floor that was accidentally dropped.

After everyone left at about 10pm I was so exhausted that I couldn't wait to get into bed with Aunt Carol. She called me up, I promptly laid down and went to sleep. I have a feeling this is where I'll be all night long. In fact, I'm sleeping upside down as I type this. My back legs flailing in the air, my front legs straight and off to the side, and my little tongue sticking out. Nighty night!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #3

From Bell's perspective.

Today was a good day. I woke up late again, about 8:30am. I just couldn't take the rumbling in my tummy, so I woke Aunt Carol up to take me out to use the potty, then she fed me. After she fed me we went for a long walk. Aunt Carol figured that it was going to start raining any minute, and we should get a walk in while we were able. We walked down to the local water district. Being Christmas morning and all, I walked only a little on the leash. I mostly walked off of the leash because there were no people around, and no other doggies. We had a smashing time. I ran and ran and ran! I sniffed around the area where I played during the summer and immediately remembered it. I was a little perplexed because Aunt Carol did not stop to throw a ball or my frisbee, we just walked and walked. Well, Aunt Carol walked, I ran!

After the walk we came back home and took a 2 hour nap. Since Uncle Shawn stayed up almost all night trying to fix his computer, he slept pretty late. After Aunt Carol woke up from her nap, and Uncle Shawn woke up from his night's sleep, we quickly got into the car and drove up to Uncle Shawn's brother's house to visit a lonely kitty named Boots. Uncle Shawn and I stayed in the car while Aunt Carol went into snuggle with Boots, feed him and make sure he had water. A little while later Aunt Carol got back into the car and we left. We stopped by a supermarket before it closed (it is Christmas, after all), then headed straight home.

Uncle Shawn and Aunt Carol cooked a small Christmas dinner of ham and green beans, made me my dinner, then we all rested. I took another couple of hour nap. I am getting used to being on the big bed, not just the bed that Uncle Shawn moved onto the floor. I love being up there. It keeps me quite and sleeping longer, so Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn can get some rest. I will reiterate again though, that I don't generally jump up on the bed unless I'm invited. Tonight I'm planning on getting a good nights sleep so we can visit with Uncle Shawn's family tomorrow.

Nighty night everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #2

From Bell's perspective

We slept in late this morning. We stayed in bed until about 8:30am, because that's when I needed to go potty. Aunt Carol let me go run around outside where I did my business. I also tracked the scent of a cat. I haven't found the cat yet, but I'm gonna, I swear!

Aunt Carol then fed me some more food with just a couple tablespoons of chicken liver. I ate almost all of it. This puts Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn's mind at ease. Not only am I eating most of my food, they are giving me lots of treats. I love it!

After breakfast we got back into the car and headed down to Sacramento to meet some of Aunt Carol's friends from a long time ago. I think she said something about Teen Mania, but I can't be sure. They had lunch with their friends, we sat outside so I could be a part of the crowd, then Uncle Shawn took me for a little walk around the parking lot. Once we were done with our walk we left and headed to Fry's Electronics. Uncle Shawn went inside to look for a computer part while Aunt Carol and I walked and walked. We must have walked for about 20 minutes, but I was running the whole time.

On the way back home, Uncle Shawn and I fell asleep in the car. Here we are sleeping. Aunt Carol apparently took pictures while she was driving, but she was safe because we made it home ok.

After we got back home Aunt Carol, Uncle Shawn and I all took a nap on the big bed. I must add though, that I'm very respectful of their bed. I don't jump up unless I'm asked. My Mom and Dad taught me well!!!

We all woke up, played for just a little bit, then Aunt Carol and I went back to sleep while Uncle Shawn worked on his broken computer.

Here is a picture of me sleeping on the big bed:

Don't mind the sheet hanging from the window. Apparently the shade broke and they haven't replaced the curtains yet. They will soon - they told me that they just installed curtain rods and bought new curtains. I have a feeling they are going to wait to hang the curtains until after I leave. I don't mind though, the sheet keeps the room nice and dark so I stay asleep longer in the morning. I kind of like it.

All in all, the last two days have been very restful. I have slept a lot, and taken a few naps. I knew I was going to have a good time at Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn's.

Before I forget, Aunt Carol wants me to mention that I ate ALL my dinner tonight. Not a drop left. Even with all of the treats they are giving me, I still ate all my dinner. I really do like the liver with my food. Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn think they have found the trick to me eating. Well, it's the liver and the fact that I remember this place that's doing it. I have a doggie smile on my face all day long. They pet me all day long, take me with them wherever they go, and give into my every whim. I really do like it here.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #1

Since this has pretty much turned into a doggie blog, something I was not intending, but with all of the blogging I do during the semester for my classes, my personal blog has fallen by the wayside.

The following 11 or so posts are from Bell, my friend Leah's doggie. She came to stay with us during the summer (see posts below), and now she's back at our place for Christmas and the New Year while her family has flown halfway across the country to spend the holiday's with family.

Without further ado, here's the story of Bell's Christmas Vacation, from Bell's perspective......

Thursday was a really fun day. Mom said that I was going to go somewhere fun. Mom packed the car with my very comfy doggie bed, and I thought to myself, "Oh no! My family is leaving me again!". I was a bit sad, but Mom guaranteed me some fun, and told me that she was going to return. There were some familiar things about this drive. Something looked and smelled the same. It was only when I arrived at THE PARK that I remember having lots of fun here.

Mom played with me for a few minutes until I heard someone yell my name, "Bell". I turned, and standing there were Uncle Shawn and Aunt Carol. Oh yeah, I've named them Uncle and Aunt - I hope Mom doesn't mind.

Back to my story - I heard someone yell my name and I ran right up to them. Uncle Shawn and Aunt Carol seem to think that I remember them. Hmmmm, I'm not so sure, but I was super happy to see them. I was excited about my adventure. They put me in the car, then they talked for a while. *Hmph - humans!* I just wanted to get going. After a few minutes, we left.

Right as we left, I jumped right onto Uncle Shawn's lap in the front seat of the car, but not before covering Aunt Carol in face kisses. This is how I rode all the way back to their house, on Uncle Shawn's lap. I even fell asleep. Here's a picture of standing on Uncle Shawn in the front seat.

This seems to be the only way I'm content to ride in the car now, which is fine because Uncle Shawn loves to cuddle with me.

After we arrived home, we soon headed out the door again. We went to a school to play with remote control helicopters with Uncle Shawn's two brothers. We had a short, but fabulous time! I chased my ball and caught my frisbee a little, but not too much because I heard my Mom tell Aunt Carol that I haven't exercised too much lately, and that we should ease into it. Aunt Carol made sure I didn't run too much, although I wanted to keep going and going. I had a feeling I would have more opportunity at another time to play, so I was content.

After we got back home I hung out with Aunt Carol on the couch for a bit. That was nice! I snuggle right up next to her and even tried to sit on her lap.

That evening we just hung around the house. Aunt Carol went to the store to get me a treat - some chicken liver!!! Apparently this used to work with their pup Tess (I hear she's in heaven now), and it works with me like a charm. They bought a container of chicken livers for about a dollar, boiled them, and add only a couple of tablespoons of mashed up chicken liver to coat my food. I ate the WHOLE THING because it was soooo yummy! (As an aside: Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn's vet recommended they do this with their last pup to keep her iron levels up. So they know it's safe for me to eat, especially since they are giving me just enough to encourage me to eat.)

When I was done eating, we all piled onto the big bed and snuggled for a bit and watched some TV. That's where I slept all night! It was glorious! I love sleeping on the big bed.

I think this vacation is going to be better than my last. Until tomorrow........