Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #7

From Bell's perspective.

Today started out super slow. Actually, I woke up Aunt Carol at about 3am, and she didn't go back to sleep until about 7am, then I woke her up again at about 8:30 to feed me and take me out. I licked her face until she got up. Aunt Carol can't resist the face licking!

We took a long nap this afternoon, then got up just in time for a walk down to the post office to drop off a Netflix movie. We walked in 40 degree weather for a couple of miles, then came home.

Aunt Carol went to the supermarket to get me some chicken liver, which the store was out of, so she got some other chicken parts for me. They were yummy! All in all I've only skipped one meal while I've been here. I think it has something to do with the hot food they keep adding to my normal dry food. Today was ground chicken breast, a little chicken liver and some chicken hearts and gizzards. Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn cooked for me tonight, which was awesome!

Mom and Dad shouldn't be too bothered by the hot food they are giving me - it's not much, just enough to encourage me to eat my normal food.

After dinner we headed downstairs to the 'movie theater' to watch a movie. I got a little freaked out by the surround sound, but I did ok. About an hour into the movie I was a little antsy, so I sat on Uncle Shawn for a while, then snuggled with Aunt Carol on the couch. I think it's time for bed now that the movie is over.

I hear some rumblings about some other doggies coming to visit - 3 to be exact. They are all pugs, and Aunt Carol says I'm going to have a fabulous time with them because they like to romp around and play, just like me.

Until tomorrow........

P.S. I have discovered that I really like baby carrots as a treat. The humans used to give carrots to their pup Tess, and figured they would give me a few. I really like them, but not as much as the Trader Joe doggie cookies.

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