Monday, December 27, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #5

From Bell's perspective.

Today I woke up after cuddling with Aunt Carol all night long. I love sleeping on her bed with her. Uncle Shawn has been sleeping in the living room so I can have a choice of where I want to sleep, but I love the big bed.

I got a lot of rest today. After I woke up, went outside and had breakfast, I got back into bed with Aunt Carol and took a nap. She got up a little while later and headed downstairs to the workout room to hop on the treadmill. I went downstairs with her so Uncle Shawn could sleep a little later. When she started the treadmill I freaked out a little. I almost put my nose right to the treadmill belt, you know, the thing that moves, to see what was going on. In fact, I almost jumped on the treadmill with Aunt Carol. She saw that this was going to be a bit of a problem and took me back upstairs where everything was nice and quite. I heard her tell Uncle Shawn that he's going to have to look after me while she works out because I don't like the machinery very much.

After that little stint I played tug of war with Uncle Shawn for a while because Aunt Carol had to work. I heard something about her teaching 7 classes next semester and needing to get everything prepared ahead of time. She was on her computer for a few hours while I played and played.

In the evening we all hopped in the car and went to Walmart. Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn bought me a couple of new toys: Another frisbee, which they said they didn't like too much, and a HUGE tug rope. The new tug rope has quickly become my favorite toy. It's pretty beefy! They try to keep me from chewing it, but sometimes they turn their back and I just can't help myself.

After our brief trip to Walmart we went for a short walk, and played with the new frisbee for about 1o minutes. They got a bit cold so we went home. Humans! Hmpfh! I was doing just fine running around in the cold, but they couldn't hack it.

Just as well though, because we came home and all cuddled on the bed while we watched a movie. I love all the attention I've been getting.

I must say though, I'm resting quite a bit more this time than I did last time I was here. It seems like they have figured out that I like to rest a bit too.

Until tomorrow.....

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