Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #1

Since this has pretty much turned into a doggie blog, something I was not intending, but with all of the blogging I do during the semester for my classes, my personal blog has fallen by the wayside.

The following 11 or so posts are from Bell, my friend Leah's doggie. She came to stay with us during the summer (see posts below), and now she's back at our place for Christmas and the New Year while her family has flown halfway across the country to spend the holiday's with family.

Without further ado, here's the story of Bell's Christmas Vacation, from Bell's perspective......

Thursday was a really fun day. Mom said that I was going to go somewhere fun. Mom packed the car with my very comfy doggie bed, and I thought to myself, "Oh no! My family is leaving me again!". I was a bit sad, but Mom guaranteed me some fun, and told me that she was going to return. There were some familiar things about this drive. Something looked and smelled the same. It was only when I arrived at THE PARK that I remember having lots of fun here.

Mom played with me for a few minutes until I heard someone yell my name, "Bell". I turned, and standing there were Uncle Shawn and Aunt Carol. Oh yeah, I've named them Uncle and Aunt - I hope Mom doesn't mind.

Back to my story - I heard someone yell my name and I ran right up to them. Uncle Shawn and Aunt Carol seem to think that I remember them. Hmmmm, I'm not so sure, but I was super happy to see them. I was excited about my adventure. They put me in the car, then they talked for a while. *Hmph - humans!* I just wanted to get going. After a few minutes, we left.

Right as we left, I jumped right onto Uncle Shawn's lap in the front seat of the car, but not before covering Aunt Carol in face kisses. This is how I rode all the way back to their house, on Uncle Shawn's lap. I even fell asleep. Here's a picture of standing on Uncle Shawn in the front seat.

This seems to be the only way I'm content to ride in the car now, which is fine because Uncle Shawn loves to cuddle with me.

After we arrived home, we soon headed out the door again. We went to a school to play with remote control helicopters with Uncle Shawn's two brothers. We had a short, but fabulous time! I chased my ball and caught my frisbee a little, but not too much because I heard my Mom tell Aunt Carol that I haven't exercised too much lately, and that we should ease into it. Aunt Carol made sure I didn't run too much, although I wanted to keep going and going. I had a feeling I would have more opportunity at another time to play, so I was content.

After we got back home I hung out with Aunt Carol on the couch for a bit. That was nice! I snuggle right up next to her and even tried to sit on her lap.

That evening we just hung around the house. Aunt Carol went to the store to get me a treat - some chicken liver!!! Apparently this used to work with their pup Tess (I hear she's in heaven now), and it works with me like a charm. They bought a container of chicken livers for about a dollar, boiled them, and add only a couple of tablespoons of mashed up chicken liver to coat my food. I ate the WHOLE THING because it was soooo yummy! (As an aside: Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn's vet recommended they do this with their last pup to keep her iron levels up. So they know it's safe for me to eat, especially since they are giving me just enough to encourage me to eat.)

When I was done eating, we all piled onto the big bed and snuggled for a bit and watched some TV. That's where I slept all night! It was glorious! I love sleeping on the big bed.

I think this vacation is going to be better than my last. Until tomorrow........

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