Friday, December 24, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #2

From Bell's perspective

We slept in late this morning. We stayed in bed until about 8:30am, because that's when I needed to go potty. Aunt Carol let me go run around outside where I did my business. I also tracked the scent of a cat. I haven't found the cat yet, but I'm gonna, I swear!

Aunt Carol then fed me some more food with just a couple tablespoons of chicken liver. I ate almost all of it. This puts Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn's mind at ease. Not only am I eating most of my food, they are giving me lots of treats. I love it!

After breakfast we got back into the car and headed down to Sacramento to meet some of Aunt Carol's friends from a long time ago. I think she said something about Teen Mania, but I can't be sure. They had lunch with their friends, we sat outside so I could be a part of the crowd, then Uncle Shawn took me for a little walk around the parking lot. Once we were done with our walk we left and headed to Fry's Electronics. Uncle Shawn went inside to look for a computer part while Aunt Carol and I walked and walked. We must have walked for about 20 minutes, but I was running the whole time.

On the way back home, Uncle Shawn and I fell asleep in the car. Here we are sleeping. Aunt Carol apparently took pictures while she was driving, but she was safe because we made it home ok.

After we got back home Aunt Carol, Uncle Shawn and I all took a nap on the big bed. I must add though, that I'm very respectful of their bed. I don't jump up unless I'm asked. My Mom and Dad taught me well!!!

We all woke up, played for just a little bit, then Aunt Carol and I went back to sleep while Uncle Shawn worked on his broken computer.

Here is a picture of me sleeping on the big bed:

Don't mind the sheet hanging from the window. Apparently the shade broke and they haven't replaced the curtains yet. They will soon - they told me that they just installed curtain rods and bought new curtains. I have a feeling they are going to wait to hang the curtains until after I leave. I don't mind though, the sheet keeps the room nice and dark so I stay asleep longer in the morning. I kind of like it.

All in all, the last two days have been very restful. I have slept a lot, and taken a few naps. I knew I was going to have a good time at Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn's.

Before I forget, Aunt Carol wants me to mention that I ate ALL my dinner tonight. Not a drop left. Even with all of the treats they are giving me, I still ate all my dinner. I really do like the liver with my food. Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn think they have found the trick to me eating. Well, it's the liver and the fact that I remember this place that's doing it. I have a doggie smile on my face all day long. They pet me all day long, take me with them wherever they go, and give into my every whim. I really do like it here.

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