Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bell's Christmas Vacation Day #3

From Bell's perspective.

Today was a good day. I woke up late again, about 8:30am. I just couldn't take the rumbling in my tummy, so I woke Aunt Carol up to take me out to use the potty, then she fed me. After she fed me we went for a long walk. Aunt Carol figured that it was going to start raining any minute, and we should get a walk in while we were able. We walked down to the local water district. Being Christmas morning and all, I walked only a little on the leash. I mostly walked off of the leash because there were no people around, and no other doggies. We had a smashing time. I ran and ran and ran! I sniffed around the area where I played during the summer and immediately remembered it. I was a little perplexed because Aunt Carol did not stop to throw a ball or my frisbee, we just walked and walked. Well, Aunt Carol walked, I ran!

After the walk we came back home and took a 2 hour nap. Since Uncle Shawn stayed up almost all night trying to fix his computer, he slept pretty late. After Aunt Carol woke up from her nap, and Uncle Shawn woke up from his night's sleep, we quickly got into the car and drove up to Uncle Shawn's brother's house to visit a lonely kitty named Boots. Uncle Shawn and I stayed in the car while Aunt Carol went into snuggle with Boots, feed him and make sure he had water. A little while later Aunt Carol got back into the car and we left. We stopped by a supermarket before it closed (it is Christmas, after all), then headed straight home.

Uncle Shawn and Aunt Carol cooked a small Christmas dinner of ham and green beans, made me my dinner, then we all rested. I took another couple of hour nap. I am getting used to being on the big bed, not just the bed that Uncle Shawn moved onto the floor. I love being up there. It keeps me quite and sleeping longer, so Aunt Carol and Uncle Shawn can get some rest. I will reiterate again though, that I don't generally jump up on the bed unless I'm invited. Tonight I'm planning on getting a good nights sleep so we can visit with Uncle Shawn's family tomorrow.

Nighty night everyone!

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