Monday, March 19, 2007


I do this every single time I need to get something done. Procrastinate. I thought that as I got older I would no longer do it....but, much to my dismay, I still do it. What am I procrastinating you ask? Thank you for asking! I have had about 3 weeks to prepare a short 10-15 minute lecture that I will be giving on Friday. This is almost a working interview, meaning, it is an interview that a college wants me to prepare so they could see my teaching abilities first hand. I am heading down to the Bay Area on Wednesday to meet with my thesis adviser so he could give me a bit of feedback so I don't completely make a fool out of myself which means my lecture has to be completed in it's entirety. It's also an opportunity to see some friends and pick up some things we can't find up here in P-ville (like the frozen yogurt we love soooooo much!!! It's actual yogurt that is frozen, and tastes like yogurt...mmmmmm, so good and really low in calories). I will be picking up a few half gallons of the stuff to keep in the freezer...and if we need to, we will vacuum pack it to keep it fresh for a while.

In any case, I have waited three *(&$#*%^&#@*$ weeks to do this, and now I need to get it done in two days. Now, I shouldn't be complaining too much because I can probably do it in a couple of hours, but just the research of it has taken me about 4 hours this morning. I still haven't prepared the lecture/activities yet...and that bugs me. I want to get this done, but at the same time I have lots of other stuff to do around the house today.

Why am I still typing you ask? I don't know.....I already told you I have a problem!

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