Monday, August 13, 2007

End of the semester grades.....

I just finished my grades for the end of the semester.....I graded a bit too easy. I knew I was going to do this when I started the semester, which is not necessarily a good thing. But, I think teaching and grading is an ongoing process. I hit about a 3.14 average across the class when I should be at 2.7 or so. This means that I should be at a C+ average, and I was at a B- average. I need to readjust my grading for the Fall. I think I was a little take aback by the lack of ethnicity - the change in location - the differences in schools etc.... I mean really, I am not here to trip anyone up by grading hard, I just could have been a bit more polar. I have had this happen only once before - and it seems to be linked directly with how well I get along with the class I am teaching. Terrible, I know! But, like I said, it's a process. :) There should have been a few more C's in the class. I made stupid mistakes like too much extra credit, and being too soft as an instructor. Now I know! :)

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