Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Story of Bell - Day 10

Today was a packed day. This morning Shawn and Carol's sister-in-law came over and we took a 2 mile walk downtown. We dropped some letters off at the post office, then we headed to the Farmer's Market. Lots of people were stopping to pet me, and even some kids were petting me. It was heaven. I even met another dog at the Farmer's Market, it was really cool.

This afternoon we all took a nap together. Shawn played with me for a little while, and Carol cuddled with me for a long time. I fell asleep on Carol for a while. Then, Shawn's brother and his wife came over. When they walked in the door my booty almost fell off from wagging so much. I really like those guys! I hope they come back.

After dinner we all went to play fetch with the frisbee and ball. I met another dog who's name is Ace I think. We played together for a long time. Ace's mom was super talkative, which was ok as long as they kept throwing the ball and frisbee. I caught the frisbee most of the time, but even when I didn't, Ace was a perfect gentleman. Sometimes he would pick up the frisbee, but lots of times he left it there for me to get.

After about an hour of playing on and off, we came back to the house and I fell asleep on Carol again. It was so comforting. She was petting me the whole time I was sleeping. I loved it!

Tomorrow we might go to the lake, if we have time.

I will write more then......

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