Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Today was a tiring day. Not because it was busy, but because I have absolutely no energy. Thank God for midterms. I have to give a midterm tomorrow and I can't wait. It seems like nothing I do rejuvenates me. Shawn and I have taken 2 days off in the last month. Every other day is filled with work, either our normal jobs or remodeling. But something good did happen - I signed up for health insurance today with San Jose State. I am excited about this because I don't have to pay for it for the next few months. I also got lots of stuff done - the applications for teaching in Placerville are going out tomorrow or Friday. The others will be worked on this weekend and will hopefully go out on Monday (that is if I can't get them done this weekend). I am now too tired to type and need to get some sleep - the dog kept me up all night last night. Gotta love our loving animals. I love her so much that it doesn't bother me too much!!! :) Off to bed now!

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