Wednesday, November 1, 2006

My dog is a multitakser

That's right - she does two things at once. Where other dogs can simply eat, drink and poop - mine can do multiple things at once. Tess Monster's joy in life is going outside for walks. All you have to do is pull out her leash and her booty starts to wiggle all around. It's not simply a tail wag, it's a full on booty wag. Half of her body moves from side to side and she gets really excited at the site of the leash. While on her walks she sniffs around like every other dog in the world - but it doesn't stop there. She is VERY choosy about where she poops. She won't simply go outside and go to the bathroom - she sniffs around for the exact right spot before she goes (which can take up to 5 minutes). And, when she finds the spot she squats and then sniffs more while she is going. As if that isn't enough, she does what Shawn and I call the "poop and scoot". While she is going, she will keep sniffing, and scoot around the area to maximize her new found sniffing opportunity. She does two things at once. I knew when I saw her picture on the internet that she was the dog for me. Not only does she save people from fires, she is a multitasker!

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