Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Name Change.....again!

Chaotic Living!!! I have finally changed my name - although I am sure it's going to change once my life clams down a bit. Shawn and I currently live in a pretty chaotic world at this point. We are moving in a few weeks to a whole new as I currently know it is going to change quite a bit. This is ok because I need a bit of a change, but I have a feeling it's going to be drastic. So, for the time being, my new blog name is chaotic.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow - exciting!!! We are heading up to P-ville tonight and then Reno (more specifically Fernley) tomorrow morning for Thanksgiving with the fam! Should be fun. We get to pick up some things my mom is giving us like a vacuum, chandelier and some other assorted things. I hope the shopping on Friday is good. Shawn and I need to furnish our bedroom and are hoping for a great deal on area rugs (for the whole house), a new bed (platform with a head board hopefully), a couple of night stands and maybe a dresser. JC Penny is having a bed sale right now - I just hope it's a good sale and that we can find a really good deal on a bed that I love. I did find one that I liked, but of course the husband didn't like it too much. We shall see what goal is to find a good deal. I don't like spending money - and I especially HATE spending needless money on something I know I can get on sale. Hopefully the shopping on Friday will be good. :)

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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