Friday, February 23, 2007

Gett'r Done

Although I have never really understood this phrase, it is kind of fitting for today. I think, hope, pray that we are going to paint our kitchen today. It really needs to be painted....but I hope and pray I can get Shawn off the couch long enough to help me. :) If we get anything done in there today I will post some before and after pics either tonight or tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

Update: Well, the kitchen painting is not going to happen today apparently. We went to go pick up primer and paint for the cabinets, but it looks like that's all that is going to happen today. Shawn has last minute plans to go to a concernt with a friend tonight.....don't tell the rapists and murderers that I will be alone.....and won't be back until later tonight. So, that means that I am either alone in this (my back hurts too much from my hour long stint on the elliptical and treadmill this morning), or we do it tomorrow. I think we will wait until tomorrow.

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