Monday, February 19, 2007

I don't know...

I had a bunch of ideas to write about, but wouldn't ya know it? I sit down to type something cool and I simply can't think of anything cool to say. So, here's a list of things that I think are really cool....

1). Valentine's day is usually pretty lame...but this year was was last year. Hmmmm, is this because I am married now? Shawn has made the last two really cool. We had a slumber party in the living room all night on Valentine's night, it was really cool.

2). Not working. As much as I think I need to work, because I get bored very easy, I think that for this period in my life I am not supposed to work. I don't think I want to be a housewife full-time, although it might be nice if we were independently wealthy....which should take place in another few years (I have a lot of faith in my husband), but I think this is a period which I need to accept. I have applied for a few teaching jobs, but will not hear back for a few months. I think I need to embrace this time in my life and not define myself by what I do, but who I am...and who God made me to be.

3). Reisling wine. I love the stuff. Although I have many bottles of wine in my house, it takes me a few weeks to finish one bottle.

4). My friends....a couple of our friends came up to visit this weekend. It was really fun. We went wine and beer tasting and hung out a bit. Shawn and I had a great time.

5). Past experiences. I think that there are stages of life, and that I learned at a young age (not young enough though) to appreciate every stage of life. I learned to take time to stop and smell the roses. Of course I wish I would have learned this before my early 20's, but hey, at least I learned it before I was 50 right? I appreciated my later teens, my early 20' mid-20's were kind of a blur....but have greatly appreciated my late 20's. I think it's really cool when someone can really grab a hold and appreciate where they are at. In one of my previous posts I talked about how naive I was in my early 20's....and don't get me wrong, I thought I knew everything about everything.....but I didn't. However, I appreciated that time in my life...and still do. I learned sooooo much at that time and wouldn't have traded it for anything. So, to sum it up, I think every stage of life is really cool. (Get ready for the 'know it all' attitude here......) Embrace every stage of life. Don't try to be younger than you really are, or older for that matter. Enjoy yourself where you are because when you look back at that time, you can truly appreciate the lessons learned.

6). I think Placerville is really cool. I love it here. I think I was made to live in a place like this.....not in the city. Even though sometimes I feel really alone, and like I don't know a soul in the world, I have an overwhelming sense of peace about being here. It's where Shawn and I were meant to be at this stage in our lives.

7). Family. As I have gotten older, I have begun to really appreciate the people around me. Again, in my last post I talked about not needing to like people in my life if I don't want to....and that still holds true. However, I really like the people that are around me. I love my family tremendously even though I may not tell them often enough. I have discovered that I really love Shawn's family too. I don't think there is a person in his immediate family that I don't like. I have learned to enjoy people for who they really are....and in getting to know specific members of his family, I really enjoy my time with them.

8). My husband. He is really cool. Even though we are quickly approaching two years of marriage....things have changed a bit since we first got married....but I must say, it's good change. Our comfort level and appreciation for one another has grown. I must say though, we still absolutely love to bicker and argue....but that's just us. It keeps us young. Sometimes we still wrestle....and sometimes, even with my terrible back, I superfly him on our couch (although that has calmed down since we got the dog....but sometimes we still go at it like we are 12).

9). Working out. I find that I HAVE to work out in order to keep my ultra high stress level down. I have learned many life lessons in the close to 30 years I have been on this of the lessons I am in the process of learning is how to maintain stress. But, I think that this stage in life is forcing me to learn this, which I appreciate. Working out helps with this a bit...when I get stressed, I workout to help manage it. Gotta love it.

10). God!!! Self-explanitory. :)

No more cool things for today. That's it....I am done. Until the next time....

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