Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today was eventful

Today I painted most of the doors in the upstairs of our house....a major accomplishment since we have a 70 pound dog who likes to be near us all the time. She has, more than once, walked too darn close to painted walls, doors, and painted planters only to end up painted herself...and in one case, ended up looking a bit like a skunk.

Today I painted my toenails pretty fancifully. They are painted a solid color with hand-painted white flowers on all but the pinky toes. I must say, my toes are really cute. I hate not having painted toe nails and absolutely hate when my feet are not presentable. Weird, I know! Since I walk around all the time without shoes on, I like to look down and see presentable feet. (I think this stems from a traumatic experience when I was younger....one of my friends would always stare at my feet as if they were mutant feet or something. Now, thanks to her, I must have pretty feet).

Today my brother-in-law came over (he was over last night too). It has been really good for Shawn to spend some time with his little brother alone....I think they both need some alone time (I have been mostly doing my own thing the last two days...which is really cool.....I love alone time). We had dessert tonight....brownies (from Apple Hill) with ice cream and the guys put a bit of Bailey's on top. I must say, it was a very good dessert (last night for dinner I cooked for the guys...it was an awesome stuffed chicken dish...I will have to post the recipe sometime). The other thing I did with them was Biore. You know, those Biore nose strips that clear clogged pores? Well, I first put a charcoal face mask on all of us, rinsed that and then put the nose strips on. Shawn and I do this sometimes when we are hanging out at home.....and tonight we decided to torture Jonathan and include him in our little ritual. Pretty fun.

Today I was offered a job.....I turned it down. I can't in good faith take a job for 20-something dollars an hour simply because. I told them that I would love to take the job, but that I am applying for teaching positions and if I get offered one of those positions, I would have to quit. I know this is not something a person would normally do...in fact, most people would just take the job and bide their time until something better came along. But, my conscience is telling me different. I can't do that to a company. If I take a job, I plan to be there for a while. I used to train people in one of the jobs I had and man did it suck after spending weeks training a person, just to have them quit. So, I am holding on to the hope that God is going to bring me a job that I simply can't refuse. This is the 4th job I have been offered since I have been up here, and the 4th job I have turned down. I think that it's God's way of telling me that I am going to be ok. I love God!

Today I exercised for only 21 minutes. I tried to exercise after Jonathan came back after dinner, but the downstairs of our house kind of creeps me out a little. I started to hear things.....and couldn't continue after that. I figured that I painted for hours today, so that counts as exercise right? ORU or TM anyone? Do those count as AP's?

That's pretty much all I did today (besides go to the bank). What did you do today?

Oh yeah...I must give a HUGE hi to everyone who comments on my blog. I must say, I love blog responses...Annie, Natalie, Amber, Ryan, Mel, Melissa, Rachael, Angela, Rishma, Molly, Tiffany and many others I am sure. Thanks for all of your comments. Also...hello to everyone who is in anonymous land....I know of some people who read my blog regularly....family, friends from TM, and even friends from blog land. :) I love looking at my footprints to see who has been reading my blog. It makes me feel like I am not writing in vain.

Have a great day everyone.

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