Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Britney Spears

Britney Spears reality must be incredibly difficult. I watched a couple of videos on of her simply trying to leave in her car, and it was madness. Literally, police were there trying to clear the area so she could pull her car out and drive away. In another video, her body guards were trying to get people to clear so the poor girl can get into her car - camera flashes constantly going off. It seems like she is never alone. Most people can go about their daily lives without inconvenience. Everywhere this poor girl goes, she is bombarded by people who want a glimpse of what she's doing. If she sucks on a lollipop, the world knows. If she gets a coffee drink, the world knows, if she stubs her toe it makes the evening news. I know that people say that she's a trainwreck and that her career is over (Hollywood hopes). Think about it - - - everyday, every minute of everyday she is under the microscope. Can trust virtually no one! And as far as a career, what is she going to do? Work in an office somewhere? The girl is in a huge transition period in her life - she's young, a fairly new mom, trying to keep up a career that she possibly doesn't want anymore - but honestly, what other choice does she have?

I watched those videos and I literally started to cry (and that's not an easy thing to evoke in me). Her reality is so far from my own, which, I am incredibly thankful for. I have choices! I can go to the grocery store with no one recognizing me. I can suck on a lollipop without a group of people following after me. I can get in my car without a swarm of people around me. I can leave a building without random people touching me constantly. Alas, she cannot. I don't blame her in the least for trying to figure things out. She is young, but her life is changing.....divorce, kids, career, family etc.... My heart goes out to her. I can't fathom the things she goes through constantly, and how much she probably feels like she is stuck in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to life. Hollywood is cruel. If she tries to fade into the background and live her life, there will always be a news story of what Britney Spears became. There will be no rest for her. And, who is it that created this in her life? Well, when you get catapulted into the spotlight at such a young age, you rarely think about what that's going to look like in the future. All you care about is becoming the next big sensation. That's what she was - the next big thing. But, when you take one step out of line, there are a million people waiting to judge your every move. Like I said, my hear goes out to that poor girl - and all of the young people in Hollywood. They know not, the full extent of what they are involved in....and when they finally do figure it out, it's too late. Their lives are wasted and they are discarded like a used paper cup. It makes me sad!

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