Saturday, August 11, 2007

Farmers Market

Today started out as a really good day. My mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law and two nieces headed down to Davis to go to the Farmers Market. We had a lot of fun shopping for fresh picked peaches, pluots, plumbs, nectarines, purple basil, and melons. We also picked up some baked goods, tamales, cheese curd (for Shawn) and something from Pakistan (I think) that was incredibly yummy! For lunch today I had one of my amazing nectarines and a pluot. Oh, so good!. I haven't been to a farmers market that good since we lived in the Bay Area. I am definitely going back again. I spent entirely too much money, but it was fun nonetheless. Us girls had a good time just talking, checking things out, sampling items, and generally just having a good time. I'll tell ya something - I have been incredibly blessed with a really cool family - on both sides. I am a lucky girl!

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