Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I know...

I know it's my job - - - but I don't wanna go tonight. I am tired. Tired of all the questions. Tired of lecturing. Tired of driving 2 hours a day. Tired of preparing. Tired of being 'on' for 3 hour every night. Just tired of it! Only one more week to go and then I'm done. I can't wait!!!!!

Quick update: When I got to work (school) today I received my review of intstructor performance. The person who observed me gave me an amazing review - - - she's a Dean and said that, that's right - was a GREAT instructor. My students rated me extrememly well and left me some of the nicest comments I have ever heard. Apparently I am a challenging instructor - but a really really really good one. :) I can sleep happy tonight!

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