Thursday, August 2, 2007


Here's what my observer said (she is a Dean of one of the departments at Sierra College): "High energy, thought provoking, comfortable classroom atmosphere. Instructor very approachable & creative; students all engaged. Great critical thinking provoked by student activities, Carol-Lynn GOOD model of excellent public speaking. Carol-Lynn did a terrific job of alternating student group work/projects with standard lectures; broke up lecture with questions to students. VERY GOOD instruction."

She only gave me one suggestion ..... it was about the overheads that I used in the lecture. She said that the font needed to be bigger and also mentioned that I should include less information on them. (This is the 'improvement' comment I always get when I am observed....yet I haven't changed a thing about them in a couple of years). Teee heeee heeee - my thinking here is that I should leave something crappy so they have something to critique....LOL! I will probably change them soon.

My students all gave me absolutely amazing comments for the qualitative part of the review ....and the quantitative part was really good.......all except for one student. There is ALWAYS one student in the class that absolutely HATES me - and it seems like this class is no different. I even told the class on the first day that they may not 'get me' right off the bat - but most will love me and one or two will absolutely hate me. Looks like I was right on!!!!!

I am off to bed now.

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