Saturday, August 25, 2007

Let's see here...

This weekend has been fun! Here's a rundown:

*Got some stuff worked out with some people
*Had coffee with my mother-in-law on Friday
*Had an unexpected dinner over at Shawn's family's house
*Got together with other family today for lunch
*Finished my syllabus for classes that start on Monday
*Found out that teaching in the Bay Area is possible - still need prayer for this one
*Started to plan a trip to Disneyland sometime in November or December
*...and there's still tomorrow

Overall I feel pretty good about this weekend. Shawn and I desperately need a full weekend to ourselves, but spending time with family is worth it! We have sooooo much fun when we hang out with family - - - - I just wished mine lived a bit closer. :) Maybe someday.

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