Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Windows and recipes

This morning I must wake up the husband earlier than usual so we can measure windows. We have old casement windows in our 'built in the 1960's' house, and they MUST go. We ordered one and have already replaced it, but now it's time for the rest. We have 14 windows total in the house, that is not counting the HUGE window in our living room that we are going to replace with French Doors, including side panels thank you very much. The window is going bye bye and there will be HUGE doors to open up to the outside deck (once we rebuild it). The time has come to stop hearing the children in the daycare across the street, the freeway traffic behind our house and the summertime noise from the shopping center down the hill from our house. When we are downstairs the noise is virtually impossible to detect, but not upstairs. Since we live on a hill, any noise from down the hill travels efficiently up and into our house. New windows will cut down that noise considerably, which I am excited about. I love the peace and quite. The next house we buy, in like 15 years I'm sure because of the current housing market, will be one out in the middle of nowhere. Until then though, new windows will do the trick. They will also help with the heating and cooling in our house. No noise and a cool house, what more could a girl ask for?

I am also working on a new recipe. Yep, that's right - me, developing a recipe. It's a salsa
recipe that uses fire-roasted tomatoes from a can. I know I know - true salsa does not come from a can! But, if I get it right, it will be a great 'throw it together at the last minute' salsa. It's going to take me a few tries to get it right, but I am sure it will come out great. I already tried once, and Shawn liked it, which is saying A LOT because that boy is picky. Once I get it right, I will be sure and post the recipe here. All the ingredients are the same in most salsa's, but it's the amount and technique that count. Do you roast the chili's? Keep them raw? What kind of onion do you use? Vidalia? White? Spanish? And, do you roast those or keep them raw too? Do you blend the salsa completely (like Shawn prefers), or do you keep it kinda chunky? Do you use fire-roasted with garlic, or without? These are all the things I am trying to figure out.

So, these are my two recreational goals over the next few weeks. Windows and salsa.

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