Friday, June 20, 2008

You can always tell.....

Oh yeah, this is my motto. I would love to live in a 'model home' where everything is in its place all the time, no clutter, no dust, no wires hanging from the ceiling, but alas, I do not. During the winter months we have a bed in the living room because that's where the heat source is in our house. During the summer we live downstairs, except to sleep (most of the time anyway) and that can get kinda cluttery. Almost always there is a pile of mail sitting somewhere simply because I HATE OPENING THE MAIL. In short, our house is fairly cluttered on most days.....well, almost most days.

You can always tell when I have a big project pending - - - - - - the house gets clean. I have to develop two online classes, which I am getting closer to doing. I have the major projects finished, well, 90% finished and one of my schedules planned out in my head but not on paper yet. All in all, the brainstorming phase of my classes is complete. As I get closer to actually putting everything on Blackboard (software for the online classes), I am getting antsy. There can be no dishes in the sink, which I just did, I finished all of the laundry today finally, I purged clothes in my closet that I haven't worn for a long time and ultimately made it pretty, and tonight I may put the spare bedroom back together in case nobody ever comes over someone stops by and needs a place to sleep. Additionally, when I have big projects pending, I tend to workout more. I almost feel as if one area on my life is getting on track, I'd better get the other areas back in line. So, in short, in about a week or so, my house should be clean, and in two weeks, the classes will be developed. I am excited for the coming semester. I already have 12 people in my UPPER division class, two of them are graduate students, so it should be a really challenging semester which I am looking forward to.

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