Sunday, July 13, 2008

It pays to look....

Yesterday Shawn and I went out for lunch. We happened by the Thrift Shop near the little place we were going for lunch. We had NO IDEA there was a thrift shop near where we were going. I wondered in there to kill 30 seconds because Shawn wanted to get a menu from a nearby restaurant and discovered that they had a GREAT set of china there for $50. It was service for 10, with one piece missing. All the rest of the pieces were in good shape, except one, which I discovered today had a chip. No biggie, since one piece was missing anyway, we have true service for 9. An odd number, but hey, our table doesn't even fit 9 people, so we've got it covered.

Well, the best part is, all of their kitchen ware was on sale for 50% off. Now I know I know - I could have gave them the whole $50, because, you know, it's for charity right? But, I wouldn't have paid $50 for a used set of china. So, we paid $25 for it (I will give extra money to missionaries next month to make up for it, I promise). I told Shawn that even if we didn't decide to keep it we could just donate it back to the Thrift shop. Now we have a great set of china for when company comes over (because I simply will not use the china my mom traded me for our wedding. It's too nice!). Yeah. What do you think?????? I actually looked it up online and it's quite an expensive set of china. Each 5 piece setting is around $36.

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