Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The newest project

Here is a picture of the latest project I am working on. I am hardly creative, so this project has been quite frustrating for me. Ugghhhh!

My friends baby's name is Tyler. She was born about a week ago, and I am painting letters for the nursery....that is, if what I am doing in fact goes with the nursery she has put together. The "T" and the "L" are experimental. I think I am going to sand down the "T", and just to polka dots to outline the letters instead of doing willy-nilly polka dots. My eyes tend to like uniformity quite a bit instead of chaos. I don't know, I'm too tired to think right now. What do you think?

UPDATE: I just changed the letters to look like this. Two letters will be painted like the "E", and three will look just like the "R". I think this is a better plan!

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