Friday, July 25, 2008

Doctorate in Education

I decided to pursue the Doctorate in Eduction - under one stipulation......that I wouldn't have to take out students loans. The whole program costs about $40k, which is quite a bit of money. I still have a VERY small residual student loan out from a number of years ago and don't like it very much. So, here's the deal, if I can get into a TA program or a Research Assistantship Program at Sacramento State (which they currently do not offer), I'm gonna bite the bullet and go for it. There is little to no government funding for those of us that want to pursue higher education, which sucks BIG TIME. I guess I leave it up to God, cause there's nothin' I can do except be the squeaky wheel.

I had a pretty in-depth conversation with the director of the program yesterday, and he said that he's going to talk to the graduate studies department to see if there is anything they can offer, but until then, I sit and wait. I will email him in a month to check and see if he has gotten any further with it. I was very frank on the phone and said simply that we can't afford it, and that loans weren't an option for us. I don't think it's wise to take out $40k in loans at this point in our lives. So, that leaves me with the option of a TA program or Research Assistantship Program. Come on God, open one up please - oh yeah, and an divine acceptance would be good too (sometimes those TA programs and Research Assistantship Programs are fairly competitive.....I have been accepted to one before that was highly competitive, but that was a whole different situation).

Ducks need to be lined up, and God knows what needs to be done in order for me to get there. So now, I study for the GRE, and wait!

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