Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Story of Bell - Day 1

(From Bell's perspective)

Today was an adventure! I got to drive with my daddy all the way from San Francisco to Davis, where I met some folks who seemed really friendly. They threw my frisbee for me for a while, I drank a bunch of water, then I got into a car I've never been in before. I was pretty excited for a while, in fact, almost the whole drive to a place these people called Placerville. I guess I should mention that these people call themselves Shawn and Carol. They explained that I was going to go on a mini-vacation with lots of walks, maybe a hike or two, tons of treats, and I will get to play a lot of catch. Of course I was excited!

On the way to Placerville I stuck my head out of the car window, but only when the car was going slow, and Shawn held me so nothing happened. It was heaven. I accidentally drooled a little on the car, a bit on Carol and a lot on Shawn, but hey - I was too excited about my adventure. Shawn crawled in the backseat with me about 10 minutes into the drive, and I spent the entire 45 minute drive in his lap. About 20 minutes before we arrived at their house, Shawn and I fell asleep together. Carol mentioned how cute that was! I must say though, I am a cutie!!!

We finally arrive at their house and I sniffed around a bit, then immediately saw the BIGGEST dog bed I have ever seen in my life in the master bedroom. I knew I was in heaven!!! Carol and Shawn hung out on the bed with me for about an hour, but they saw that I was getting really tired and let me have the big bed all to myself. I must add though, that this bed is on the floor, so I assumed it was for me. Carol and Shawn said that I was right and they said that I can have the bed the whole time I'm on my vacation (Carol and Shawn DID mention though, that I'm not allowed on the beds that are raised off the floor, or the couches). Carol made me my own comfy bed on the floor, but I prefer the BIG BED that is right next to the master bed. I can stretch out all I want and I'm so excited.

I have to admit, I'm a little apprehensive about this place, but since Carol and Shawn have pet me for almost the entire two hours they have known me, I think I'll be ok while my mom, dad, sister and brother are out of town. Carol and Shawn seem like nice folks, and I can't wait for my walk later on tonight.

Oh yeah, Carol said something about a walk tomorrow morning, and I'm excited about that too.

I think I'll take a nap now. I'm pretty tired from the drive, and from being so excited when I arrived at Shawn and Carol's. I will update Carol's blog again tomorrow when I have time.


Leah said...

Hi Bell - I'm so glad you like the big bed, and I'm sure Carol & Shawn are excellent "petters". Have lots of fun! It sure is quiet around here without you!

Melanie: said...

Omg carol that is super cute!