Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Story of Bell - Day 7

(From Bell's perspective)

Today I woke up with a bang. Actually, I woke up pretty early and tried to go back to sleep, patiently waiting for Carol to wake up. Carol is my morning person, and Shawn is my night time person since he stays up well into the night. Carol let me out, and tried to get me to eat breakfast, but I wasn't interested. I was holding out for some treats.

At about 10am I went in to see what was taking Carol so long to come and get me for my morning walk. She said she was going to skip the walk this morning, but I wasn't having any of that!!! I barked and growled until she stopped working and took me out for my walk. A girl's gotta get some exercise, right? We drove down to the dog path and walked for about 3 miles. A lot of that time was off the leash because there were very few people around. Every time we noticed someone on the path, Carol put my leash back in, just in case. After the walk we came home and I went right to sleep again. I think I got a treat when I got back, but I can't remember. But I do remember not eating breakfast even though it was down for me.

Carol was gone part of the day, but Shawn and I hung out a bit while he was working. I slept most of the time, which was nice. When evening rolled around we went back to the water district by the house and played for a while. It wasn't too intense, just enough for me to get some energy out.

When we got back to the house tonight, I whined and whined until they gave me my favorite toy (which was Tess' toy, but I have taken a liking to it). Here is a picture of me playing with the toy:I think my dad mentioned something about me chewing up fuzzy toys like teddy bears and the like. However, I found this toy by accident, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I can't get enough of this toy. Carol doesn't let me chew on it very much because it's was her last pup's toy, but she does let me play with it. She watched me the whole time though and makes me stop chewing if she catches me.

After I played with the fuzzy toy, I finally ate dinner and put Carol's mind to rest (man, that girl worries about everything.....especially me). I didn't eat all of it, but I ate some. I then went into the living room and laid on the bed because it was getting close to my bedtime. Here are a couple of pictures from bedtime tonight:In this picture I have my head by the pillow. I had just moved it from being on the pillow. I didn't want any incriminating evidence. But as you can see, I sleep with my tongue hanging out a little.
I'm glad this picture was taken, because it finally proves that I sleep a little weird. Shawn and Carol think this is one of the cutest things I do; I sleep on my back with my legs straight out, and my front paws bent with my head twisted to the side. They think it can't be comfortable, but I sleep like this for hours every night.

Well, as you can see I'm a bit tuckered out (so are Shawn and Carol), so I will post more again tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow or the next day we can head down to the American River so I can romp around. It will be SOOOO fun! Good night.

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