Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Story of Bell - Day 3

(From Bell's perspective) Today has been really fun so far, and it's only 1:20 in the afternoon. When I woke up this morning, Carol let me out, then we came back in and she gave me a puppy massage. Yes, that's right, a puppy massage. She used to do it everyday for her last pup Tess, and just continued on with me. I loved it!!! I think she's going to do that every morning since she gave me a puppy massage yesterday, and today.

Shawn and Carol took me on a long walk this morning after my massage. We met some of Shawn's family on the walking trail, by chance. We weren't even planning on meeting up with them. Shawn's sister is so nice, she pet me a little bit. We then continued on to the Placerville Farmer's Market, which is actually quite small. I met a bunch of doggies along the way, some of which wanted to meet me, but their owners wouldn't let them. After the Farmer's Market we continued on and walked to the post office to drop off a letter in the mail. We then turned around and stopped at Round Table so Carol and Shawn could pick up a salad. Carol got me a large cup of ice water, which I drank a bunch of. The ice was a little odd at first, but I quickly figured out that it was nice and cold, and I drank some of it out of a cup.

The picture above was taken after we got back from our walk. You can't tell by the picture, but the fan was on low, but still going pretty fast. Carol mentioned that Tess used to love to lay in front of a fan during the summer, and thought I would like to try it. She was right. I had a good time laying in front of the fan for a while, but now I'm cuddling with Shawn on the big dog bed on the floor. I don't use the bed Carol set up for me too often, as I prefer the big doggie bed we can all cuddle on. I really like it when all three of us can cuddle together. That's my favorite.

I need to take a nap now. While our walk was only about 2 miles this morning, I'm a bit tired. Perhaps I will update later. I heard some rumblings about going to play with my frisbee again before dinner, so I need to get some rest while I can.

Until later.....

It's about 10:30pm and I'm pooped, but Shawn and Carol won't stop petting me, so I haven't slept much today. I did get a bit of rest this afternoon, but not too much. We went to play frisbee again, it was pretty fun. It was hotter today then it was yesterday, so I only played for about 10 minutes before I laid down. I drank a ton of water while playing too, so that probably had something to do with it. When we got back to the house I cooled off. We had dinner and then Shawn and Carol pet me for about 4 hours. It was heaven. I know that seems like a long time, but they are used to it.

I seem like I am adjusting well, but I really do miss my family. Shawn and Carol seem to have a different schedule than I'm used to. Shawn stays up really late, and Carol gets up really early, so my schedule is kind of off right now. I'm fitting in well though. I must say, I'm pushing the envelope when it comes to attention. Those two seem to give in to my every whim. I sit on Shawn all the time so he'll pet me. He can sit there for hours and pet me, it's odd (even Carol thinks so). ;)

Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. I hope my family is having fun on vacation. Personally, I think I will need a vacation from my vacation. Isn't that what all the humans say??? I will write more tomorrow.

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