Monday, June 7, 2010

The Story of Bell - Day 5

(From Bell's perspective)

Today I woke up with a bang, and energy to spare. Carol was awake for a little while before I was. I slept in a little with Shawn. But Carol got up at about 8, after working on her classes a bit, to take me for another hour long walk. We are really bonding during those times. She has figured out that I like to run and jump and have a lot of fun in the morning. If she lets me run around a little bit before my walks I am a lot better walking on the leash. I don't pull nearly as much, and with her training me a bit, I walk right next to her most of the time.

After my walk I came back home and took a nap. I love all of the exercise I'm getting, but I really like my naps too. After my nap we went and played catch at a new park. There was water there and I romped around in it a bit, against the wishes of Shawn and Carol. I stuck my tongue in the water too, but Carol freaked out and yelled and me to come to her. Apparently she didn't want me drinking that yucky water, especially since my tummy is better now.

Tonight we are heading down to meet a friend of Shawn's, it should be fun. Maybe I will get to go on a walk, or romp around a bit more.

I forgot to mention a couple of things from my post earlier this week. Carol has nicknamed me "Little Miss". I really like the nickname, especially when they say it in that really fun and friendly tone of voice.

Oh, and another thing - Carol made me a really thick bed out of blankets when I first got here. I only use it sometimes because I prefer the big bed on the floor, but I have to admit something...... I started chewing on the tassels last night and Carol caught me right after I swallowed a whole tassel. All day today Carol has been watching me closely because she wasn't sure if I swallowed it, or if it was already missing from the blanket. I'm not going to tell you how she knows this, but Carol found the tassel today - - - uh - - - in a pile in the backyard.......not that she was FRANTICALLY looking for it or anything. She shouldn't have worried so much cause us doggies eat random things all the time.

I might post again tonight, but will probably wait until tomorrow.

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